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The Forty Second Conference

«Society and State in China»

Volume XLII


Part 1

Kobzev A.I.           Yeremeev Vladimir Yevstegneyevich (9.4.1953 – 7.7.2011)
Rykov S.Yu.          “Symbols and Numbers” of Yeremeev Vladimir Yevsteg–neyevich
Yeremeev V.Ye.     Science in Yuan and Ming periods


History and Archeology
Deopik D.V.,         Historical and Archeological Description of the East Asia Re-
Ulyanov M.Yu.     gion in X–I millennium B.C.
Kozhin P.M.         Economic Development as an Impetus to Ancient States Territorial Growth (The Case of Ancient China)
Blyumkhen S.I.     Xia Dynasty Formation and “4200BP Event” as Presented in Studies of the Chinese and Western Scientists             
Kuznetsova-Fetisova M.Ye   Reenactment of Some Forms of Functioning of the Ying Capital (Shang Dynasty, XVI–XI Centuries B.C.)               
Khalturina P.V.   Main Stages of Shaping of Wei, Han and Zhao Kingdoms Territories and their Conquer by Qin within the Zhanguo
Period (453–221 B.C.): Attempt of the Mapping Study
Korolkov M.V.     Evolution of the Land value Taxation System in Qin and Han Emperies as according to the Paleographic Documents Data
Bashkeev V.V.      Sacrifice Intensification within the Period of Han Wu-ti Reign as a Sign of Political Struggle (Extract)          
Dmitriyev S.V.      Zhang Heng: Curriculum Vitae and Contribution to Civilization
Kadyrbayev A.Sh.    Togon Timur – the Last Mongol Emperor of China
Martynov D.Ye.    Chronology of Genesis of “The Book of Great Unity” by Kang Youwei in the Context of the Thinker’s Intellectual Activity
Lazarets O.           Sun Yatsen Social and Economic Program as a Part of the Nation Building Plan (1912–1920)
Zotov O.V.             Xinjiang Frontier at the “Central” War Theatre (The Past and the Future of Anglo-Saxon Geopolitics in Asia)
Borokh O.V.         Ma Yinchu concerning the Problems of the “Controlled Economy” (1930–1940s)
Lomanov A.V.       Intellectuals attacks Guomindang: Hu Shi, Liang Shiqiu, Luo Longji
Katkova Z.D.        Some Aspects of Public Activity of Song Ziwen as a Politician, Diplomat and Businessman


Historiography and Source Studies
Popova G.S.         Introduction to Systematic Description of Shujing (“The Book of [Historical] Documents”) as the Historical Source                     
Yakovlev V.M.      Guizang Text from Wangjiatai         
Belyaev V.A.,        Discovery of Western Liao Coins and Correction of Yelü Yili
Sidorovich S.V.    Emperor Era Name
Gusakov V.V.       Written Chinese Sources on the Ancient Central Asia             
Belyaev V.A.,  Sidorovich S.V.    Tang Tablet of Authority for the Envoys of Türgesh Kaganate
Svistunova N.P.   The Term 里老 li lao in Da Ming lü ji jie fu li (The Problem of Translation)        
Mylnikova Yu.S.  “Four Books for Women” (女四书 Nü si shu)
Kurto O.I.           Russian Historiography on the Russian Presence in China
Nikiforova V.A.    Modern Sources for Russian-Chinese Relations Studies
Zinin S.V.          Incorporation of Data of Zhou and Han Manuscripts into CTEXTS system online concordances of Classical Chinese Texts 
Zinin S.V.           Corpus Analysis of Hieroglyphs and Keys Semantic Relations


Philosophy, Ideology, Religion
Kobzev A.I.        Chinese Mysticism            
Zelnitsky A.D.      Popular Beliefs and Social and Political Interaction in Imperial China    
Terekhov A.E.      Some Aspects of the Concepts on the Wise Old Men – Sheng in Han China      
Ageev N.Yu.          Concept of “Unity of Nature and Man” and Correlative Thinking in Ancient China          
Kravtsova M.Ye.  “Yellow” and “Green” within the Palette of the Ancient Chinese History: Some Ideas on the Genesis of the Chinese Statehood
Belaya I.V.            Yin fu jing Images in Quanzhen Dao Teaching
Kobzev A.I.           Wang Yangming Studies in Russia and Specific Features of the Chinese Philosophy       
Smirnov D.A.        On the Ideological Sources of Mao Zedong Theory of “New Democracy”          
Gorbunova S.A.   Certain Ideological Problems of the Religious Sphere as Presented in Works of Modern Chinese Authors
Ziganshin R.M.    Magic “Evolution” to Confucianism             

Part 2


In Memoriam
Lilia Nikolayevna Borokh (21.08.1933 – 20.12.2011)    
Works of Lilia Nikolayevna Borokh                               
Yuri Misakovich Garushyants (24.06.1930 – 18.01.2012)            
Works of Yuri Misakovich Garushyants       
Borokh L.N.          Essay on the Theme          
Kobzev A.I.           Last Interview with Yu.M. Garushyants       
Golovacheva L.I. Notes on the visit to World Forum of Confucians in 2010: “Turn to Appropriacy” and Interpretation of the Confucians’ Self-Designation                
Kriukov V.M.       On “Negotiations” of the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs with the envoy Liu Jingren (1917–1918)            
Khokhlov A.N.     Sinologist Fedorenko N.T. at the beginning of the Scientific Career (Unknown Pages of the Famous Sinologist Biography)


Modern China
Chudodeev Yu.V. Globalization Challenges and Dynamics of Russia and China Relations in Asia-Pacific Region      
Staburova Ye.Yu. Studies of Xinhai Revolution in Wuhan in the Context of the Modern China      
Breus Ye.M.          Identity Documents in China: History, Structure, National Idea
Uliyanova M.Yu. Advertisement in the PRC in the context of the Traditional Culture (Attempt of the Bibliographical Description)       
Kondrashova L.I.   Modern Theory of Institutional Matrices as applied to the PRC Historical Development           
Mozias P.M.         Marine Industry in China and Prospects for Cooperation with Russia  
Stepanova Ye.N.  Social and Economic Significance of Education on Taiwan and Gender Matters 
BerzinyaU.A.      Ambiguity Discourse in Hu Jintao Report on the XVII Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Cultural Component 
Matyash Ye.I.       Building of the Intellectual Socialist Culture and the Image of Businessman – Rushang   
Sedova A.V.          Roots of Failure of the National Language Policy of the Democratic Progressive Party on Taiwan              
Verchenko A.L.    Framework Agreement on Economic Cooperation between the Two Coasts of the Taiwan Strait: Economy and Policy                     
Pakhomova M.A. China and Saudi Arabia: History of Interaction and Prospects of Cooperation (1980–2010)             
Zabrovskaya L.V.      Problems of North-Eastern China Environment Protection
Daugulis M.       The Proposal for Human Society Development of the People’s Republic of China:  the Concept of “Harmonic World”                     
Monastyryova O.V. Portrait of the Chinese Society in the Russian-language Broadcasting in China: Forms of the Journalistic Presentation


China and Neighbors
Tishin V.V.            Ancient Turkic Peoples Succession to Throne in VI–VIII Centuries (As Presented by the Chinese Sources)              
Vradiy S.Yu.         Warning Sent to Japan by the Works of the Chinese Writers on the Eve of Meiji Restoration      
Kiselev D.V.          You Hai, Li Gui and Ling Gui – Leaders of Manzi Self-government in Ussiri Region in the 2nd half of XIX Century
Naboka A.V.         USA Politics towards Taiwan in the end of the 60s of XIX Century       
Kuznetsov V.S.     Chinese-Indian Relations and the 14th Dalai Lama
Khokhlov A.N.     Russian Diplomat I.Ya. Korostovetz and His Role in Preparation of Qiqihar Protocol in 1911          
Smirnov S.V.      “Chinoiserie”: China as Viewed by the Russian Emigrants (1920-30s)   
Larin A.G.         Chinese Educational Migration in Russia: Sad View
Kadyrova L.I.       Main Stages of Political Interrelations between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the PRC in 90s of XX Century         
Golovachev V.Ts.   Ethnic History and Policy of Taiwan as Presented in the Works of the Taiwan Scientists (Evolution of Historiographic Approaches in 1980–2010)


Writing, Literature and Art
Khudyakov Yu.S. Tangut Script Phonetic System      
Juster J.-C.      Le Theater Chinois aux Ryûkyû Pré-Modernes
Neglinskaya M.A.   Interior Watch Collecting at Qing Court and Its role in Development of Watch Manufacturing in XVIII Century                     
Yakovleva I.G.     Late Qing (1896–1911) Chinese Porcelain in View of Its Representational Function           
Stezhenskaya L.V.     Metaphor of  “Green Plan and Cinnabar Writing” as One of the Key Artistic Devices Used in Wen Xin Diao Long            
Kuznetsova Yu.A.     Reconsideration of the Traditional Female Images in XX Century Chinese Drama: Pan Jinlian in Dramas by Ouyang Yuqian and Wei Minglun                 
Ivlev L.A.           “The Field of Life and Death”: Realism Aesthetics of Xiao Hong Writer              
Vinogradova T.I. Formal Techniques Used by the Illustrators of Chinese Fiction: Presence of the “Observer”          
Belozerova V.G.   Spatial Constructions in Chinese Fine Art from Han to Tang
Soboleva Ye.V.     Film Art of the Celestial Empire in the Light of the Culture
Kiy Ye.A.               Publication of the “Working Bibliography for the Sinologist” by Academician V.A. Alexeev

Part 3

Historiography and Source Studies
Deopik D.V.,         Historical Processes in Ancient East Asia in III – First Half of
Ulyanov M.Yu.     II Millennia BC
Popova G.S.         Some Results of Comparison of Shujing Text with Western Zhou epigraphic Inscriptions              
Loginov V.V.        Hunnu Shanyu Headquarters Localization   
Korobitsina A.K. Struggle for Power of Guang Wu Di, the first Eastern Han Emperor       
Komarov D.A.      Dynamics of Regional Elites’ Change at Northern Song Emperors’ Court            
Volkov I.V.            Information on China in Venetian Giosafat Barbaro’s Composition        
Kadyrbayev A.Sh.   Mongol Emperors of Yuan Dynasty – Timur and Haisan
Dmitriev S.V.        Chinese and Mongolian Cultural Interference in the Capitals of Mongol Empire
Bayalieva Ye.F.   On Introduction of Mongolian Law in the Legal System of China          
Golovachev V.Ts.   “Country of Nurgan” and External Policy of Ming Dynasty in XIV–XV centuries       
Datsyshen V.G.    Consulates of Chinese Republic in Siberia in the Russian-Chinese Relations System        
Khokhlov A.N.     Plague Epidemic in Kharbin in 1910–1911
Perminova V.A.    Idea of Colonialism and Assessment of Results of Foreign Interference in China              
Katkova Z.D.        Chang Kai-shi and His German Counselors
Kobzev A.I.         Country of the “Book of Changes” in the Age of Changes
Mythology, Philosophy and Religion
Blyumkhen S.I.     Cosmological Aspect of Ancient Sage Rulers Myth (Part I)
Ageev N.Yu.          On Six Ancient Chinese Calendars 
Alexanyan A.G.    Nestorianism in China       
Kobzev A.I.           Wang Yang-ming and “Great Learning”       
Staburova Ye.Yu. Space and Time in Philosophy of Buddhist School Huayan
Drobyshev Yu.I.   Sources of Empire Ideology of Medieval Mongols
Martynov D.E.     Zhu Qian-zhi: Interpretation of Great Unity Teaching               
Berzinya A.A.       Phrase Shi Shi Qiu Shi  实事求是 in Political Discourse of China           
Pakhomova M.A. Chinese–Libyan Relations Before and After 2011 Arab Spring
Kurto O.I.              Modern Problems of Orthodox Church in China
Badmazhapov Ts.-B.B. Materials to Kalachakra Iconography
Arts, Sciences and Handicrafts of China
Neglinskaya M.A.     On Style Tendencies in Architecture, Arts and Handicrafts of Yuan and Ming Periods             
Neglinskaya M.A.     Perception of the European Genre of Still-Life Painting in Chinese Art of Qing Epoch
Vinogradova T.I.     Once again about Still-Life Paintings in Chinese Art
Neglinskaya M.A.      Comment on the Review in the Article of T.I. Vinogradova
Kurto O.I.              Domestic Historiography of Studies on Traditional Costume of the Peoples of China       
Lapin P.A.             Little Known Facts on the Work of Latin School in Peking in 1729–1744              
Kobzev A.I.           Addendum to Biobibliography of V.Ye.Yeremeev
Yeremeev V.Ye.     Bibliography to the Article “Science in Yuan and Ming
The Forty First Conference: Table of Contents
The Forty Second Conference: Table of Contents
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Синология: история и культура Китая

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